• Viking Johnson

    • Viking Johnson has the most comprehensive range of pipe couplings and repair products in the world. We can fulfil all your requirements and have the capability to produce fast-turnaround couplings, flange adaptors and wall couplings at our UK manufacturing site in Hitchin.

      The Viking Johnson range of flow control products includes fire hydrants, resilient seated gate valves, FlexCheck as well as HNH Milliken Eccentric Plug and MultiPort valves, providing a low maintenance and reliable performance across a wide range of applications.

      Posiflex expansion joints provide stress relief in piping systems caused by thermal and mechanical vibration and/or movement and can also be utilised to overcome problems of noise. These flexible connectors are fabricated from a wide range of rubber compounds, open or filled, single or multiple arch, and designed to accommodate the needs of individual pipe systems conveying materials as diverse as fluids, food stuffs, chemicals or crude oil.

      WASK is a market leader in the supply of pipe fittings and pipeline maintenance equipment for the global water and gas markets. Aquastop flow stopping equipment provides an effective solution for temporarily stopping flow in an operating pipeline enabling repair and renovations to be carried out without disruption to the customer. Complementing Aquastop is Hydrant Wizard which enables replacement of defective fire hydrants without interruption of flow in the mains.

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