• Turtle Wax

    • Car wash and car care products have been synonymous with Turtle Wax® since 1953. Today Turtle Wax is still the leader in car care products and car wash innovation. Whether you need the famous Turtle Wax Original Car Wax , leather cleaning & conditioning products, clay bars, tyre shine, bug and tar remover, or a high foam car wash, Turtle Wax has you covered bumper to bumper. If you are interested in simply keeping your vehicle clean and tidy or are looking for the perfect finish, Turtle Wax has the right products for you. Car enthusiasts agree that when detailing a car there is no substitute for Turtle Wax car care products and car wash.

      Turtle Wax is the global leader and the most widely recognized name in total car care products, selling over 1,250 products in the retail and commercial markets in 90 countries worldwide.

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