• Kingfisher

    • The Kingfisher brand is the range of products produced by Bonnington Plastics Ltd. The brand covers a range of products that are used every day by people in and out of the home. The gardening range is the most well-known in the Kingfisher brand, with the platinum and gold collections selling well to garden centres and suppliers all over the country.

      The bird care range from Kingfisher features many different products that customers love to use while they’re bird watching. Pet care is another selection from Kingfisher, and hosts many products that are used every day for taking dogs for walks and playing in the back garden.

      Kingfisher gardening products are designed for both professional and home gardeners. The platinum range is a collection of gardening tools that are aimed at home gardeners, and these tools are manufactured to be used for years and years. Many gardening tools will fall apart after one winter, but Bonnington Plastics Ltd makes sure that your tools will last.

      Bonnington Plastics Ltd realise that their customers need tools that will last them for a long time and not fall apart after a few seasons of use. Professional gardeners love to buy and use the Kingfisher products because they can put up with the constant strain of being used every day.

      The range of pet care products from Kingfisher are loved by pet and pet owners alike. These items are made to be over used by pets because Bonnington Plastics Ltd appreciates how much pets play with their toys. Equally the dog leads and collars are made to last and not break if caught on something while your pet is out playing.

      Having a barbeque is one of the great pleasures of the summer, because everyone can get out and enjoy the hot weather at night or in the day because it is always so warm. The Kingfisher range of catering products is perfect for families to serve up all of the nice hot food they’ll be eating, and means that there is no need for any washing up.

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