• 151 Products

    • As a large-scale distributor of household goods, DIY products, car cleaning accessories and much more, 151 Products provide a service that is leading the way in the fast-moving consumer goods market. All products are designed and sourced to offer maximum value and minimum cost - opening opportunities to step ahead in the market. The portfolio of brands allows 151 to maintain control over every category of products offered. 

      Duzzit® is our popular household cleaning range offering a variety of triggers, wipes and other cleaning materials.

      Carpride® offers car cleaning wipes, aerosols, washes and more. 

      An exciting and growing brand is the Munch & Crunch® pet food range – offering treats and accessories for dogs of all sizes. 

      Each brand signifies quality and value from the initial brand concept right through to design and implementation. The range of products stocked is endless.

      151 Products Ltd. offers products to suit one’s lifestyle at highly competitive prices. 

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